How can you get a video done and be part of the top?

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Video is taking over as one of the strongest and fastest ways to build up your online presence. But for a lot of people, even thinking about video makes them feel stressed. For us, thinking about video is our default brain setting. It´s how we think. In video.

Whether it´s a promotional video, video blogging, testimonials from your clients or something completely breathtaking and extraordinary to show off your brand and tease people into wanting to know more about you – we´re here to help.

We don´t just press the button – we make your vision come true.

Read our article in Sussex Pages to find out more about True North Vision and how we can help you produce an amazing video that works for you.

True North Vision team members

True North Vision team members


Things being destroyed very slowly

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Tempus II
Shot on the Photron SA1.1
Directed and produced by Philip Heron and James Adair.

Amazing video of items being destroyed very slowly…

Brothers among Wera

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Brothers among Wera “Walz”
Live, Ivar Lo´s Park, Stockholm
Filmed by Anton Näslund, Sandro Arcos Famme

Today I´m blogging a little bit of history and a little bit of future.
You see, this little girl was one of my first jobs when I moved away from home. Her name was Wera, and still is. She had a very special voice already back then, when I was changing her nappies and trying to feed her greens. She had a voice of a singer, I was convinced. Maybe soul, jazz, something special.

And now to the future. Because I think you´re able to get a glimpse of something that will be very big in the future, right here. Either way, brothers or sisters among Wera are very lucky to be here, because her voice is still very special and a singer she is!

Fire bomb sunset in Brighton

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Sunset in Brighton 15th Sept 2013

There was nothing special by the sea when I got down there, but I wanted to do a time lapse, so I set up anyway. 
I thought I´d capture the pier as it got darker and the lights went on, but I turned around and saw a streak of sun behind me. I set the camera to cover the West pier as well as the street lights, and let the camera click away. 
After a while, a blood red sun reappeared over the horizon and the sky just exploded like from a fire bomb. Most people didn´t even see it, it was so unexpected and lasted only a short while. I was so lucky to capture it.

Talking of loneliness

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How to be alone
By Tanya Davis

In no connection to my last blog post at all, but I just like this very simple poetic video by Tanya Davis about how to practice being alone. I like the animations too.
We are quite afraid of it, aren´t we? I like going to the movies alone, but I don´t like eating alone at a restaurant, not even having a coffee by myself, unless I look extremely tied up doing something massively important – like checking my Twitter account. I really don´t like having a drink by myself. Spending far too many years as a blond single woman in foreign countries, the repercussions have been too severe.
I do like being alone. But I don´t like feeling lonely.

I share, therefore I am.

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The innovation of loneliness, by Shimi Cohen
Living through Social Media

I think this is the most exciting time to live in ever really. We have everything we could ever ask for. As well as nature, simplicity and friends, we can choose to live with an abundance of exciting technology and efficient electronics. How easily we can get in touch with each other now, how simple it is to stay connected with family abroad, friends in foreign countries and how cheap it is to communicate! We love it! Because if you didn´t – you wouldn´t be on here, reading this!

Unfortunately, a lot of people keep complaining about all this. They think we´ve stopped talking to each other and become lonely. But wait a minute – who has? Have you stopped talking to your friends? Have you stopped your own thoughts and adapted to some sort of general Social Media mass brains, where you only copy and paste whatever is coming in through your own personal account, without any selection, without any connection to your own thoughts?
Or are we actually just streamlining our own personality, identifying what our true interests and passions are, and finding a great way of expressing this by sharing it with our friends?

I would suggest if someone is feeling lonely due to social media, it´s because they´re outside the network, they don´t actually use it as intended, they don´t want to share their thoughts, taste and identity – and therefore – you would be lonely, because you won´t have anyone “talking to you!”. You make yourself a social media outsider, an observer, a loner without your own identity. To gain from social media, you need to give. It´s in the word, from the Latin “allies” – you become part of an allied force that will communicate by giving – and taking.

I can assure you that I don´t repost most of the posts in my accounts, because either I disagree with them, or they are naff or they are of absolutely no interest to me. But when I repost something – it´s because it´s something that has resonated with me. Something that has drawn my interest, something that has made me laugh, got me curious or something that has helped me understand the world a bit better.
It´s by choice I do this – not because of group pressure. 
I post a lot of my photos and of course I don´t post the ones I don´t like or aren´t happy with. But I don´t meet up with my friends without having a shower and doing my hair very often either. It doesn´t make sense to say that it´s bad selecting the way we want to present ourselves online to me – it makes the same sense as choosing a specific top when we´re meeting someone.
I haven´t stopped seeing people because of my activity online. I´ve made more friends, made more connections, and met with more people I would ever have met, if I had been sitting at home, waiting for someone to knock on my door to ask if I wanted to have a coffee with them.
Being connected online is for me – as a foreigner abroad, as a small business owner, as a busy mum – a marvellous way to stay in touch and get connected. It doesn´t change the way I am – I´d like to see it as it verifies the way I am! Never has it been easier for people to express their inner feelings, taste and identity – we are free, our minds are liberated, our identities are stronger and we are NOT lonely!!

Helen Reynolds Style Advice video

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Helen Reynolds Style Advice
Marketing video 2013

Helen wanted a video for her website, for potential clients to understand a bit more about what she does, who she is and the way she works. It was such a pleasure to work with her and also very interesting.

For anyone interested in giving the right impression, a style adviser is the key to get it right. 

With a soft, guiding approach, Helen will improve your appearance and allow you to find new inspiration in your own wardrobe so you can create new outfits without having to throw everything you already have away.

The one thing you need to succeed

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Kevin Daum on the foundations of a successful business
(Photo by Mi Elfverson)

So what is the ONE thing we need to have, to succeed with our business. This is what we all ask ourselves as start up companies, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, dadpreneurs, anyone who´s running their own business.

Some people say “it´s passion!” you got to be passionate to drive your business forward. Some people say “you´ve got to work hard to succeed”. And some may say “you´ve got to network”.

Well, Kevin Daum just taught us the only true thing you´ve got to have if you really want your business to succeed. And it´s none of the above.

You need a good business model. If you don´t have your business model and structure in place, none of the above will help.

But the good thing is, that when you have your business model in place – all of the rest will come automatically. You will find the passion, enjoy working hard and go out networking and make your business a very successful one.

And on the way, it may help if you tattoo “New York Times Best seller” on your chest back to front, just as a little bit of an encouragement when you see yourself in the mirror every morning, for the rest of your life…

Great design should empower, amuse and delight!

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Aral Balkan,
TED Talk
I really like Aral Balkan, he´s just got it right. And he lives in Brighton, a hub for design and creative development. So I hope he can shape the future a bit for us, better than the ticket machine designers in Stockholm.
Design should be helpful and fun, not a struggle and frustrating.

No-nonsense is the business

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Kevin Daum – Speaker, marketer, Hit columnist, Bestselling author of 5 books…

So after almost a week with Kevin, I feel like I´ve been on some sort of a brain marathon. He can´t stop talking and I can´t stop listening – what a bloody good combination!

Much appreciated talk at The Quadrant in Brighton, ROAR, where 14 local businesses also couldn´t stop listening to this crazy no-nonsens American.

Not everyone was happy about having to take three minutes to prepare a pitch, but all were turned to appreciation, when Kevin guided us back to the right path and the perfect pitch.

We met with several people in the days to follow to talk through their business models and marketing strategies.

I now need to do something just hands-on rather than brains-on for a while.

And then I will return with some tips from the week.